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♥ About the heart ♥

YUKI KIMISAWA Online event dedicated page

2021/01/28 18:00


At this "YUKI KIMISAWA Birthday Event" Online Birthday Live Streaming "~ DAVID'E CLUB Episode.12 ~", you can give a heart with a message.
It's a fan letter-like function that allows you to convey your feelings only to yourself.

Did you receive it properly from the way you give your heart? Do you know who gave it? We will introduce the heart function in detail to such questions.

About the heart

A heart button is installed at the bottom of the distribution page for this "YUKI KIMISAWA Birthday Event" Online Birthday Live Distribution "-DAVID'E CLUB Episode.12-".
You can buy a heart from there and give it as a gift.

What is the message function?

Each heart costs 100 yen (*) , and you can send a message when you give it, so you can send your impressions of the event and a message of support.

The number of characters in the message that can be sent is determined by the number of hearts,
・ Up to 30 characters for 1 to 4 ・ Up to 500 characters for 5 ~.
(However, live streaming is limited to 300 characters with any number of hearts)

You can deliver your message even if you can't meet and communicate in person or hand over letters at live performances, stages, or events.

* Please note that the price per heart will change depending on the heart from the app and the area where you live.

What happens to the heart you gave?

Yuki Kimisawa will confirm the hearts and messages given by the fans.

Do you know who gave it?

The gifted message will be sent with a nickname, so you can see the nickname of the fan who gave it.

* Personal information such as your name and membership number will not be transmitted.

▼ Image of received heart and message

The nickname will be the content registered on your own My Page.
You can change it at any time from My Page .

Hearts and messages reach you even if you don't tell them directly.
Let's send hearts during the event and liven up the birthday ♪